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If I fancy shacking up with younger men, I don't see why I shouldn't.After all, Jerry Hall, Joan Collins and Kim Cattrall are all at it.The term “cougar” is passé now our society now because older woman with a younger man is an accepted notion.Afterall, you’ve made your success and you’ve earned your own “arm candy.” As a dating coach for women, I’ve noticed a big change in mindset for some single gals over 40.Finally the tables have turned and it’s becoming more common for women to date younger men.Men have been dating and marrying younger women for eons.

Turns out most women are practically eternal optimists and this is a HUGE PIECE of picking the wrong guy.

Any sentence about relationships that includes the word “but”.

Unfortunately, most women only hear the part after the word “but”.

I get calls more frequently from clients asking how to meet younger men.

But, even more importantly, these women say they couldn’t possibly date a man their own age or older because those men are “too old”.

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They’re more established in terms of their career, finances, etc.

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