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Marilyn monroe was dating

When I was born, my dad exclaimed, "She looks just like a little Marilyn Monroe!

(CBS News) Historians have long written about the possibility that Marilyn Monroe -- who died 51 years ago Monday -- and John F. Now, a new book claims Monroe actually called first lady Jacqueline Kennedy to talk about it.

It was his relationship with Monroe that "seemed to bother her the most," because, Andersen writes, "in large part because Marilyn was a loose cannon who could go public at any time, causing a scandal that would obliterate her husband's reputation, destroy her marriage and hold her up to public ridicule." He claims that Monroe -- aware her career was fading -- thought Kennedy would marry her.

Andersen writes that Monroe told a friend, "Can't you just see me as first lady?

The long rumored love affair between President John F.

Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe is at the center of Christopher Andersen's new book, "These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie." Presidential historian Doug Wead thinks Andersen's sensational revelations could well be true.

He was a great chaser." Kennedy's amorous proclivities began long before he reached the Oval Office.

As a still-single Massachusetts Congressman in the 1940s and early 1950s, he indulged himself with what his friend, New Jersey Congressman Frank Thompson, Jr., called a "smorgasbord of women." According to biographers Meagher and Gragg, Kennedy's lovers were prominent, accomplished women, as well as strippers, airline stewardesses, and secretaries.

Charismatic, shy and self-confident, quick-witted with self-deprecating humor, she is still America's most famous icon because we have chosen to embrace her timelessness and keep her bombshell beauty, witticism and image alive.Whether dating, navigating marriage, dealing with a director or meeting Nikita Khrushchev, Marilyn and Jackie always had the upper hand in relations with the opposite sex.Here's a few relationship tips modern women can learn from these two icons: While you're single...Perhaps the single greatest mistake women make today is acting as if you are married (or engaged) before the ring is on your finger.Marilyn Monroe's wisdom is still timeless for women of all ages.

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"He had a thin mustache like Clark Gable," Monroe remembered. She wouldn't answer." In 1935, Monroe went to see a movie called , starring Gable and Jean Harlow—and from that point onward Gable became "the man I thought was my father," Monroe said.3.