Dw drum dating irish dating service

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Dw drum dating

It's a satin flame wrap and I have a pic of a paper tag, that's about it, I had no idea about the trials and tribulations of the paper tags and serial numbers, this, if I get it will be my first vintage Gretsch kit.

Don't have an overview of serial numbers but early 80s.

The RIMS mounts and hex vents are probably pre-95; maybe even 90-92.

Hey guys, A few questions for all you DW historians: 1) What year did they switch from RIMS mounts to STM mounts? 3) What year did they start timbre matching and stamping the 'note' inside the shells? 5) What year did they stop using the hex vents (pictured)? I could be a little off on the years, but I think the timeframes are fairly correct. “Siamo convinti che la Musica in ogni sua manifestazione sia, tra le forme di cultura, una delle più complete, e che grazie ad essa il percorso umano e professionale di ogni persona si arricchis... Products on Special see all products on special.... The badges have gone from: Black (~1990-2000) Gold (~2001-2007) Silver (~2008-present) The timbre match, note and date stamp all seemed to coincide with the late 90s/early 00s switch from Keller shells to their own.In the last couple of years, they have actually put labels on the inside of their shells with this info.

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His paternal grandfather was professional tennis player Einer Ulrich.

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